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Our Trips to China and other Countries




Since 1988, the Oriental Culture Institute has sponsored no less than four trips to Asia and two trips to Europe. Many of our clients have taken advantage of the opportunity of a lifetime to travel with staff to these far off places around the world.


(via KAL- Korean Airlines) from Boston to New York to Anchorage to Seoul, Korea, to Hong Kong to Beijing, China, to Xian to Guangzhou to Hong Kong (with a junket to Macao) and reversing directions back home to Boston. Important point is that Hong Kong was still administered by the UK under a ninety-nine year lease, which expired in 1996.


Unfortunately, due to political pressures brought about by the incident in Tienanmen Square, our proposed trip was for this year postponed for two years.


(via JAL- Japan Airlines) from Boston to Washington DC . to Tokyo, Japan (Narita) to Beijing, China, to Taiyuan to Xian to Guilin to Guangzhou to Hong Kong to Tokyo, Japan (Narita).

The primary reason for this trip was to pay respect to the Yang Family and the tradition of Taichi they represent in China and throughout the world. Attendance to this event, held in Tai Yuan, was by invitation only, and only three groups from the United States were received invitations to participate. One group came from Virginia and another from Texas. Our delegation from Boston, Massachusetts, was honored due to the close relationship of Gin Soon Chu to Yang Zhenming (Also known as Yeung Sau Chung in Cantonese). He is the eldest son of Yang Chenfu and the first lineage holder. Gin Soon Chu was a high level lineage holder of this eldest son, and the invitation is consistent with the family recognition.

The photos taken below were taken while in Tai Yuan at the time of the celebration. For those who understand the meaning, this celebration was marked with a “One Hundred Course Banquet”.


Master Zhang

You may recognize many of the celebrated Tai Chi Masters who are no longer with us but have passed on. This was a wonderful opportunity to watch them perform and demonstrate their art and hear them expound at learned dissertations on the subject of Tai Chi.


On this same trip, while in Guanzhou, many in our group were pleased to spend time with Master Zhang, a Shaolin priest and Taichi/Chigong Master, who is serves as Chigong Master consultant at the Guanzhou College of TCM Hospital. The Chigong doctors seek his expertise whenever there are issues beyond their capabilities. He served as our primary instructor in Guanzhou in our first trip in 1988, and again in 1992. So it was good to see him again during our second stay in Southern China.

The gentleman in the blue shirt behind the banner is the Doctor in charge of the Chigong department in the hospital and his number one student beside him; both very talented and gracious hosts. This day was about 97 degrees and very humid. The number one student demonstrated White Crane Chigong for us and it was the high point of our 4 hour visit.


via EVA from Boston to DC. non-stop to Taipei , Taiwan to Taichung to Kaoshiung to Taipei , reversing directions back to Boston.


(via NWA Northwest Airlines) From Boston to Detroit, non-stop to Tokyo, Japan (Narita) to Beijing, China to Xian to Guangzhou to Hong Kong and Macao, to Taipei, Taiwan and back to Detroit and home to Boston.


(via Cathay Pacific) from Boston to Vancouver to Hong Kong to Bangkok, Thailand to Katmandu, Nepal to Lhasa, Tibet to Chengdu, China, to Kunming to Hangzhou to Shanghai back to Hong Kong and returning through Vancouver back home to Boston.

1998 trip montage