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About Shaolin Kenpo Arts Association


You cannot achieve any of your goals in life unless you try. The greater your desire to accomplish any goal, the more "effort" you should put into it.


There is a right way to do things, and many wrong ways. In doing things by commonly accepted rules, you can be sure you are offending no one. When you follow the rules of etiquette it indicates your intelligence and awareness of the values and behavior of the people around you. It also implies respect for those people which is often reciprocated.


This indicates that you really do care about your life, your goals, and that you take yourself seriously. When you make a commitment, you have every intention of following through with it because you believe in yourself and what you say and do. You project this to other people around you and you try to surround yourself with other people who also express this same sincerity.


A person's character is built like a project. Good habits, good manners (proper etiquette), strong effort in everything you do, sincerity, and self-discipline are all important ingredients in building good, strong personality traits. Your character is what you know yourself to be and is usually what you project to the people around you. If you have a good, strong, positive character, you will tend to find the same type of people around you. The opposite is also true.


Also known as will power or discipline, you can accomplish nothing of significance without this character trait. Without it, you cannot count on yourself to put out maximum effort. If you can't count on yourself to follow simple rules of etiquette, you cannot be considered sincere, either. Without self-control, your character would be weak and unpredictable. It is, in fact, the key to all success in life, in relationships, in everything you do. Therefore, cultivate discipline to be successful in life.

These are all learned behavior patterns. They are also generally accepted, logical expressions of well ordered and successful lives. In adhering to these principles, you become more dependable to yourself and those around you who may come to appreciate the thoughtfulness and quality of life you have exhibited and shared.

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